Friday, June 25, 2010

Katy Perry and Her Devout Christian Parents

Katy Perry and Her Devout Christian Parents

With a whirlwind romance that seemed to lead to nowhere, Katy Perry and Russell Brand have finally confirmed their official engagement. The reformed English comedian is a reformed sex and drug addict and continually deals with alcoholism. On the other side of the fence are Katy Perry’s parents Keith and Mary Hudson who are both pastors.

It was a miraculous event for Katy’s parents to give their blessing to the planned marriage of Russell and Katy. Katy’s parents have declared Russell to be part of their family. Over at Il Cielo Restaurant in Los Angeles, Katy Perry’s parents both spoke highly of Russell Brand. The party was reportedly organized so that Russell Brand may meet Katy’s relatives and friends.

That engagement party turned out to be an incredibly gracious affair with Russell Brand wholly and unconditionally accepted as part of the Perry family. Russell Brand was anxious about meeting Katy’s family and old school friends but soon loosened up to the warm welcome.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s wedding will be held this year but the location is yet unknown. The couple prefers the affair to be very private and have decided to just throw a huge reception on a later date to accommodate those who have not made it to the ceremony. With an unpredictable man like Russell Brand, you can expect a very eventful wedding day. There are rumors that the wedding celebration will be held in India where Russell proposed but nothing is for sure.

Katy clears out rumors about her parents being stern and condescending. She has asserted that her parents are loving and doting ones who have expressed and showed full support to her all these years. She is surprised at the way media paints a picture of her parents as being very conservative and stiff. Her father has four tattoos and has regarded him as a rock-and-roll modern pastor.